Lowe: Because many legends cluster about you, sir, not all of them flattering.

Blackbeard: Legends such as?

Lowe: You’re the Devil. You spit upon the cross at sunset, and feast upon the flesh and the marrow of infants.

Blackbeard: Here’s my creed. I suspect that God is a clockmaker. He wound creation up, and now he sits back and watches it unwind. Whether to his pleasure or otherwise is any man’s guess.

Lowe: That’s a cold theology. And is there any room for the devil in it?

Blackbeard: Of course. The devil is an Englishman.

Lowe: Are you not an Englishman, then?

Blackbeard: No longer.

Lowe: Then what?

Blackbeard: A fellow with no wish to be governed, inspected, indoctrinated, preached at, taxed, stamped, measured, judged, condemned, hanged, or shot. I’m not the devil Mr. Lowe. I have cast out the devil, that depraved distinction between rich and poor, great and small, master and valet, governor and governed.

Lowe: But are you not this island’s king?

Blackboard: The island has no king nor wants one. I serve at the pleasure of my people until it’s no longer their pleasure.

John Malkovich as Blackbeard on Crossbones (via hellsteacup)